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I am the Bookkeeper who started this business in 2016.  After years of working for other companies mostly in administrative and accounting roles and starting and growing my own business, I have decided to start another business.  I enjoy the process of growing a business.  My focus is on small business.  With my background I am able to assist my clients with not only their bookkeeping needs but advise with their growth.  I am the front of the bookkeeping team but I have capable support staff to assist with all things bookkeeping.


When I’m not doing bookkeeping, I am a very amateur photographer and I also love dogs!!  I competed in dog ability and obedience/rally trials for several years with a red spitfire Australian Cattle Dog named Squaw.  When she got sick  I started a rescue for cattle dogs and worked that for about a year.  I have to say that was the most profound thing I have ever done and I am very honored to have found some wonderful homes for some great dogs who found themselves in not good circumstances.  Try fostering/rescue, it will change your life.

I currently live with a very stubborn cattle dog rescue named Dally.  And a rescue pitbull named Bindi.  (BTW, pitbull’s have a bad rap, Bindi is the most loving sweet dog on the planet.)

Now you know who I am, drop us a line and let’s chat about your business and what we can do to help you.d

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